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Automatic Number plate Recognition
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Parking Solutions

Turn your parking spaces into a revenue generator

Forecourt Protection

Protect your business from Fuel Theft, Drive Offs and recover your money.

Revenue through Smart Technology

VARS Parking Services will help manage the parking on any site. Using a leading ANPR algorythm which is then managed and controlled by the VARS technology suite, we can deliver smoothly managed parking areas, ‘Drive Off’ Prevention, NMOP support and an abundance of analytical data, control and revenue streams all from a single platform


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We were losing money every week through drive offs. The VARS system doesnt stop the first one but prevents it happeneing again and at our other sites. We also get some of our money back!

Valli Forecourts

We only have a small car park but the VARS system has enabled us to generate revenue from it. Retail sales are also up as the car park is full of buying customers instead of people leaving cars. 

Talke Pits

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